Sunday, March 22, 2015

Summer Meetups

Over the summer we'll continue to meetup regularly. We are changing to meeting on Sunday's during the day to help those of us with kids to be able to attend and not have to find babysitters. We hope to be enjoying the good weather of the summer and spending our time in backyards, parks, and maybe even going to the beach. E-mail to the address in the blog description (above) or join the Facebook group to find out time's & locations.

I know that for some people you would like to join but are not ready to publicly show your face or have a hard time just coming to a meeting. Please still e-mail me and I'd love to discuss things with you. It could be your lack of belief in the church, your changing faith, or problems you have with your doubts and fitting into the culture of Taber. It could be anything else too! But don't be afraid to e-mail. I will keep anything you say confidential. This includes not saying anything to anyone else in the group.

Scott Gillespie.

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